What Problems Can a Leaky Faucet Cause?

Water is dripping from your Solvang home’s faucet—but how serious is the situation? Truthfully, even a little drip could lead to a big problem!

Just leave it to our plumbing professionals at Coast Plumbing Solutions Inc. to investigate the issue. Big or small, there is no plumbing problem our experts can’t solve.

Don’t let even small issues continue in your California home. Our experts want to ensure there are no issues with your home’s plumbing systems at all. Let’s work together to keep you safe and your plumbing appliances in great shape.

Problems Caused by a Leaky Faucet

A leaky faucet can result in many negative consequences, including:

  • Wood cabinets, floors, and furniture may rot from water leaks and damage: Water easily damages wood. If you have anything made of wood inside your home, it’s at risk when there’s a leak.

    A leaky faucet can result in a buildup of water that may find its way to your wooden cabinets, floors, and furniture. Prevent damage by addressing the source of the leak. Call our Coast Plumbing Solutions Inc. professionals so we can take care of it for you.

  • Your sink and faucet could start to rust: Rust develops when metal is continually exposed to water. When your faucet leaks, you can expect to see rust. It may be present on both your faucet and sink.

  • Mold may begin to grow: There is a greater risk of mold growth when there’s a leak inside your home. Don’t let a leaky faucet turn your home into a health hazard.

    Mold can present itself as black or dark patches and typically has a musty odor. It thrives in moist, humid areas. Keep your indoor humidity levels within the appropriate recommended range of 30 and 50 percent, as the Mayo Clinic suggests.

    If the faucet that is leaking is located in your bathroom, be sure to fix the problem before mold grows.

  • Your water bill will likely increase: Has your water bill recently skyrocketed? Your leaky faucet is likely the culprit. Leaks waste water.

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an average household can waste up to 9,400 gallons of water every year due to household leak. Don’t let this happen to you!

    Using more water—intentionally or not—increases your water bill. Once you address your leaky faucet, you will reduce water waste, and your water bill should return to normal.

Why Is My Faucet Leaking?

Your faucet could be leaking for any number of reasons, all the way from faulty plumbing fixture installation to a loose faucet part to everyday wear and tear. A visit with our plumbing professionals is the best way to determine the issue.

Faucet Repair and Replacement

The last thing you want is a tiny drip to lead to an even worse problem like water damage and flooding. Our experts can step in and address the source of the issue in no time. We are here to tackle all your plumbing concerns.

For faucet repair and replacement services you can trust, look to Coast Plumbing Solutions Inc.. Our experts are licensed, trained, and equipped with the appropriate knowledge. We will arrive as scheduled and happily correct the issue with your faucet. Give us a call so we can set up your appointment!

Plumbing Services in Solvang

As leaders in the plumbing industry, we are committed to assisting you with any of your concerns. We can fix your leaky faucet and address many other plumbing concerns and issues, such as trouble with your water heater, garbage disposal, and clogged toilets.

When it comes to your home’s plumbing needs, our Coast Plumbing Solutions Inc. professionals are ready to provide the exceptional service you need.

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