Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heater service.
Tankless water heater service.

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Are you a Santa Barbara, CA, area homeowner in the market for a new water heater? You may want to consider switching to a tankless system. These alternatives to traditional water heaters are often a more economical choice.

Coast Plumbing Solutions offers residential tankless water heater services in Santa Barbara County and the surrounding Santa Ynez Valley. We will take the time to address your water heater needs and make sure you receive the absolute best solution for your home. Most installations and replacements are guaranteed for a minimum of two years.

Why are Tankless Water Heaters Gaining in Popularity With Santa Barbara County Homeowners?

Many of your neighbors throughout Santa Barbara County are opting to switch to tankless water heaters due to their small size, money-saving features, and efficient operation.

More Space

Tankless water heaters don’t occupy as much space as traditional water heaters. They are typically no larger than a small suitcase and can be installed against the wall or in a small utility closet. This is a major benefit if you are looking to maximize your current space.

Less Energy Waste

Traditional water heaters work by continuously heating your water supply as long as it’s turned on, ensuring there’s always a supply of hot water in the tank. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, only provide hot water on an “as-needed” basis.

This means tankless systems don’t use as much energy. The result? Lower utility bills. And less energy also means a lower impact on the environment, which is an important factor for those who are looking for ways to go green in their daily lives.

While tankless water heaters may be able to help lower your utility bills over time, they do come at a higher upfront cost compared to standard water heaters. So it’s important to keep this in mind when budgeting for your new water heater. But although upfront costs are higher, the high-efficiency benefits of tankless systems may actually prove to be the better option for your bank account in the long run.

Longer Life Span

Tankless water heaters can also help save you money thanks to their longer operational life. Although several factors (such as the quality of installation and maintenance) can influence the life span of your water heater, tankless systems generally last longer than traditional models.

Our Santa Barbara County tankless water heater installation technicians will gladly offer maintenance tips to help you better understand what you can do to maximize the life span of your water heater.

Keep in mind that not every household will benefit from a tankless water heater. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Coast Plumbing Solutions will discuss your needs and give you an honest opinion on whether you should choose a tankless system or opt for a traditional model.

What to Expect from Our Tankless Water Heater Installation Process

Whether you’re looking to install a tankless water heater in a new home you just purchased or you’re in the market to find a replacement for an older system reaching the end of its life span, our experts are here to be your guide through the assessment and installation process.

We will take the time to size any tankless water heaters, answer all your questions, then present a variety of options to meet your needs, and explain our pricing so you know what to expect before the installation begins. Once you approve the job, we will coordinate a convenient time to get started with the installation and carefully set up your new water heater for optimal efficiency. We will also remove your old system and haul it away for you.

While we typically offer our customers products from our trusted partners, you also have the option of providing a water heater of your choosing (subject to approval) and we will be happy to help you with the installation.

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