Water Softener Installations in Solvang, CA

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What are the Benefits of Water Softeners?

Hard water is a common problem in many homes and businesses in the Solvang area. Untreated hard water can affect your plumbing lines, speeding up their deterioration. Hard water can also leave hard-to-remove stains in your sinks or toilets, and cause scaling in your water appliances.

Water softeners can help you resolve hard water problems easily and efficiently. Benefits of water softeners include:

More convenient showers–Hard water can leave a film of calcium and magnesium in your hair, which can cause it to turn dry and brittle; you may also experience dry or itchy skin. Water softeners will remove abrasive calcium and magnesium minerals, leaving your skin and hair feeling smooth after showering or bathing.

Healthier plumbing systems–Untreated hard water can cause scale buildup in your plumbing pipes, which will eventually result in clogging or low water pressure. Water softeners will treat your water supply before it reaches your water service lines. This significantly reduces potential plumbing problems and allows for more efficient water flow, saving you time and money on unnecessary plumbing repairs.

Longer appliance life–Hard water deposits can leave mineral buildup in your appliances and cause them to fail sooner than expected. Protect your water heater, boiler, washing machine, dishwasher, coffeemaker, and other appliances with a new water softening system.

Improved water quality–One of the most inconvenient aspects of having hard water is how it affects your water quality, which in turn affects your daily routine. But with a new water softener you can expect your clothes and laundry to retain their colors and quality after washing; water, tea, and coffee to taste much better; and your dishes much cleaner after a round in the dishwasher.

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Solvang plumber, plumbing solvang, Coast Plumbing

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Solvang plumber, plumbing solvang, Coast Plumbing
Solvang plumber, plumbing solvang, Coast Plumbing

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Choosing Between Water Softeners


You’re probably wondering whether you should install a water softener or opt for a salt-free water conditioner. Both systems can help you treat hard water, but “true” water softeners (using salt-based technology) will actually remove the abrasive minerals from your water supply. Water conditioners, on the other hand, alter the way the minerals behave and make them have less of an abrasive effect.

The best water treatment solution for your home or business depends on your specific needs and the amount of maintenance you’re willing to undertake. Water softeners require a bit more maintenance compared to water conditioners, but both systems can provide you with exceptional water quality and the long-term solution you’re looking for.


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