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Are you fed up with rusty water coming out of your water heater? Or from frequently cold stings that you get in the middle of a warm shower?

For all water heater problems, you need to trust only one name and that’s Coast Plumbing Solutions.  Whatever the problem with your water heater, we have the right solution.

Banging or rumbling sounds coming from your water heater, fluctuating hot water availability, and super-cold showers are sure signs that the water heater in your home requires repairing. In case you are dealing with any such scenario, remember that help is just a call away.

Contact us for any water heater problem and we will immediately send a trained technician, who will inspect your water heater and service it as quickly as possible so that your family’s access to hot water is restored.

When you contact us for water heater installation and repair, you get the best solutions at the most affordable prices. At Coast Plumbing Solutions, we pride in our ability to quickly and effectively solve all problems related to water heaters. Our technicians will happily go the extra mile to keep you happy and satisfied.

Water Heater Replacement & Installation

Water heaters, even the best ones, stay functional for only so long. Just like other electrical appliances, water heaters’ performance start deteriorating after a certain point. And then a point comes when the only viable solution is a replacement.  Majority of water heaters stay functional for 10 -15 years.

It is necessary that you replace your water heater when the first signs of trouble start appearing. If an aging water heater is left unattended, it might suddenly break down and completely cut your access to warm water.

If your water heater has broken down and your family left with no access to warm water, all you need to do is call Coast Plumbing Solution. Our certified technicians will reach your place and install a replacement in a jiffy.

How to know if your water heater is about to break down?

A water heater can break down any time, but most times it warns us that it is on its last legs. Recognizing these signs and taking timely action can save your family from water heater emergency.

What are these signs? Well, let’s take a look.

Water Heater Install Solvang CAAge of your unit

It is necessary that you know how old the installed water heater is. You can decipher the age of the water heater by checking its serial number which appears on manufacturer’s sticker on your water heater.

This serial number can tell you the date of manufacture. However, it is not listed in the usual format. Instead, there’s a date code on the serial number. A typical date code looks like “C041043527”.

Here C corresponds to the month. As C is the third alphabet so it means the water heater was manufactured in the third month of the year, that is, March. The first two digits in the serial number represent the year. In the above example the initial two digits are 04, so that means the year of manufacture was 2004. The complete manufacture date, then, is March, 2004.

The date code might slightly vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, you are advised to browse the official website of the manufacturer to know more.

Usually, a replacement is recommended when the water heater is older than 10 years. You might wait till there’s a leakage in case the water heater is installed in a place where there’s no risk of damage, but this is not advisable.

In case your water heater is installed in a place where it can cause damage, you should replace it after 10 years or even earlier if it shows one or more of the symptoms listed next.

Water Heater Repair and Install Rusty Water

In case the unit is rusting, you should seriously think about replacing it. Why you may ask. Well because rusty water is a sign that a leakage is just around the corner.

Rumbling and other noise

Does your water heater rumbles or produces banging sounds while heating up? If yes, it means your water is at the fag end of its life.

Rumbling sounds come when sediment builds up, usually because of aging, at the tank’s bottom. Because of being heated again and again, the sediment eventually hardens. And then the unit emits sounds when it is powered on.

Hardened sediment reduces your water heater’s efficiency. It will require more electricity to produce hot water. But that’s not all. The risk of developing tiny leaks increases because its metal tank is subjected to more wear when the tanks take more time to heat water.

In case the water heater is emitting rumbling sounds, you should keep a watchful eye for any tiny leaks. Replace the water heater as soon as you see one.

Water leakage

If you notice water on the floor below or around the unit, you might have a tiny leak in the water tank. Immediately call a reputable service like Coast Plumbing Solutions when this happens because the water might fail any time.

Our certified experts will inspect your water heater, as well all the fittings to the water tank to check for any other leaks. They will also ensure the overflow pipe is in perfect condition. Only after establishing that there are no other leaks and all fittings and connections are in order, our technicians will proceed with replacing your old water heater.

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Coast Plumbing Solutions Repair?

Aging is the number one reason why tanks break down and start malfunctioning. When your tank gets older, it becomes more susceptible to developing problems. Such problems, which usually start appearing more frequently as your tank ages, can lead to rusty water, water spills around the tank, and even a complete breakdown.

Timely servicing and repair keeps your water heater functional for longer and helps you prevent such issues. That’s why we recommend you schedule regular maintenance checkups with Coast Plumbing Solutions. Consider us your water heater doctor; we will keep your unit healthy and functional for a long time.

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