Sewer Replacement Services in Solvang, CA

Get peace of mind at last with quality sewer replacement solutions from our trusted Solvang plumbers. Call now to book an immediate appointment and receive an upfront estimate.

The last thing you want is to have a backed up toilet or persistent drain problem. But if you are experiencing persistent drain or toilet issues, it’s time to have your system inspected. Our experts at Coast Plumbing Solutions, Inc. will make every effort to provide you with quick turnarounds and stress-free service. 

We understand that sewer replacement is a major project that can create stress for you and disturb your property. Our team is committed to helping you get through the process with honest advice, quality workmanship, and friendly professionals who prioritize your peace of mind.

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solvang plumber, goleta plumbers, santa barbara plumbing company, santa ynex plumbing

We have been serving the plumbing and sewer replacement needs of Solvang and Santa Ynez Valley communities for nearly a decade. Take a look at our reviews from satisfied homeowners and businesses who have relied on our plumbing expertise for years!

Signs Your Solvang Home Needs Sewer Replacement

During the initial inspection, we will look for:

Decaying pipes–Older properties, particularly ones that were constructed over 50 years ago, may be suffering from pipe decay. If this is the case, we may recommend a full sewer replacement to help you avoid a plumbing disaster down the road.

Pipe corrosion–In some cases, corrosion in your sewer line can be resolved with hydro jet cleaning. But if you have pipes weakened by severe corrosion, replacing your sewer line may prove to be the more practical solution for long-term peace of mind.

Root damage–If your sewer line is located near large trees or vegetation, root damage becomes a persistent problem as nearby vegetation break into your sewer line in search of water. Damage in multiple areas of your sewer line will require a full replacement.

No matter what’s causing your sewer line problem, count on our team of trusted and highly-trained Solvang plumbers for honest recommendations and solutions.

Solvang plumber, plumbing solvang, Coast Plumbing

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Solvang plumber, plumbing solvang, Coast Plumbing

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Solvang plumber, plumbing solvang, Coast Plumbing
Solvang plumber, plumbing solvang, Coast Plumbing

Sewer & Drain

What to Expect From Our


We will always take the time to help you understand the cause of your plumbing problem. Before any work begins, we will perform inspections and diagnostics to better understand where the problem is coming from so we can present you with an accurate solution.


Contact us today to schedule an estimate for sewer replacement in Solvang or surrounding areas in the Santa Ynez Valley.

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